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Tar-like-stool-in-dogs, the term melena is used to describe black, tarry stools in dogs, which is due to the presence of digested blood in the feces. melena in dogs typically occurs due to bleeding in the upper portion of the gastrointestinal tract.. Tarry feces due to the presence of blood (melena) makes your dog’s stools look black and tarry. there is a difference between fresh blood in your dog’s stool (hematochezia) and melena because the latter can be a sign of a serious or fatal disorder that will need medical attention right away., my dog still has her appetite but has black (tar like) stool and is losing weight. whats wrong with her? - answered by a verified dog veterinarian. we use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website..

It will pass right through you. if you begin vomiting that looks like coffee grounds, or have a thick black tar like stool, get yourself checked out., in some cases, a black tar-like stool in dogs may be simply due to something that the dog ingested (for instance, pepto-bismol,which is sometimes given under the guidance of a vet for a dog’s upset stomach, can cause a dog’s stool to become dark)and is thereforenot a reflection of a condition a dog may have however, it’s important to have a dog checked out for dark, tar-like stools as it may be indicative of several disorders..

A black, tarry stool (often very smelly) indicates that there is old blood somewhere in your dog’s digestive system, and internal bleeding is a concern. it may stem from an injury to the gi tract from the indiscriminate eating that some dogs are famous for, such as the ingestion of sharp twigs, parts of toys, and other random items., but when it is digested, like in the case of black dog poop, the iron is oxygenated when it passes through the colon and the end result is black, dark, tarry stool. there are many reasons why your dog might have blood in his digestive system and poop, so it’s important to talk to your vet right away if you notice this happening..

Causes of blood in dog stool: noticing blood in a dog’s stool may be scary to many dog owners possibly because blood in feces is often associated with cancer, but in dogs bloody stools are more likely to have other causes., black (tar) colored stools. webmd symptom checker helps you find the most common symptom combinations and medical conditions related to black (tar) colored stools. click on the combination that matches your symptoms to find the conditions that may cause these problems.