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Paint-not-sticking-to-cabinets, paint not sticking to cabinets/trim - help! megnliz. 5 years ago. we just painted our kitchen cabinets and trim. we let it dry for 24 hours and it felt dry and hardened. when we then taped the area with frog tape to paint the surrounding areas, the paint peeled off when we peeled the tape off. it is also coming off when scratched with a fingernail.. Carpentry, cabinetry and interior woodworking - help! paint won't stick to cabinets in spite of prep work! - hi all, we just moved into a house that has standard veneer cabinets. they are fine, so i, i painted the sides of our island -- over the laminate/particle board that is made to look like the cabinets. first i tried sanding it and painting and it would not work -- the paint wasn't holding in some places. then i tried liquid sander. that seemed to work, but some spots of paint are still wiping right off. is there any hope to fix this?.

Home. 5 mistakes to avoid while painting cabinets. this post and the photos within it may contain amazon or other affiliate links. if you purchase something through the link, i may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you., factory-finished wood cabinets and paneling require special preparation for painting. getting rid of dark paneling is complicated by the fact that when you pull it off, you find the adhesive has ruined the drywall underneath. for this reason, many folks turn to paint instead. to ensure that the paint adheres properly to factory-finished panels or […].

The only reason i am going back over it is because that is the only way to get it to stick at all. when i first put it on, it goes on smoothly, and then within a minute or two starts beading up., if so, you might have to strip the cabinets of the original stain and clear coat that was on them. that may be why the paint is not sticking. talk to someone at home depot or lowes, if you have one....

Even if your cabinets are in near-perfect condition, you still have to sand them so the paint will stick. use sandpaper in the middle of the spectrum (150 or 200 grit is good) and just give all of..., hi, i painted over existing oil painted cupboards with behr interior latex enamel in a satin finish but now that it is dry , i find i can easily scrape off the paint. they dont sell oil based paint.

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