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Can-you-buy-storage-units, how to buy repossessed storage units. storage companies put a clause in their contracts that allows them to sell the contents of a unit if the lessee does not pay his monthly bill for a certain period of time. the storage companies sell the contents of storage lockers through auctions and direct sales to recoup the .... Buying a self-storage facility is a lot harder than you think - particularly if you want to make money with it. over the years, there are some basic traits that separate winning facilities from losers. and that genetic code is hard to break. there are many people who will tell you all about how to buy a self-storage facility, in order to sell you a book, course or boot camp., buying and selling abandoned storage units as a way to make money is probably the most interesting side hustle i’ve ever done (and i’ve had a bunch of side hustles!). for about a year, from 2010 – 2011, i bought several of these storage lockers at auction..

How to buy storage units at auction. june 25, 2010 how to make money with storage units, storage auction have fun bidding, how to, invest, its about the storage unit, no what to expect, storage units scott r asher. i think buying storage units at auction is a great way for anyone looking to make some extra money. on my blog i tell you how to ..., officials update death toll in crash that killed kobe. singer brings classic hollywood look to red carpet. nba legend kobe bryant killed in helicopter crash.

How to make extra money by renting storage space to non-tenants. written on november 10, 2014 by al williamson, updated on april 23, 2015, with the successful hit reality tv show – storage wars – kennards self storage has seen a noticeable increase in buyer interest. storage wars follows colourful characters in their quest to find value in the abandoned goods. all the auctions are held on-site, which also provides for much better tv than watching them bid online – boring!.

8 common myths about storage auctions. by rachel hartman on december 15, 2014 november 14, 2018. 26 comments. facebook google plus twitter pinterest linkedin email. if you go to a storage auction in your area, will the bidding resemble the storage battles you see on tv?