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Automatic-door-lock-using-arduino-program, just thought of making a password based door lock system in which you can enter the password via the keypad. it was an interesting project which required beginner's level skill in programming and very easy to connect circuit.. Arduino uno rfid based automatic door lock system using an arduino. interfacing of rfid with arduino can be done by the following steps. the necessity of power supply for rfid readers varies from one product to another., last, we will connect the dc lock with the arduino. the lock operates on a voltage from 7 to 12v, so we cannot directly connect it to the arduino. to connect it to the arduino, we will require a relay and a battery. connect the signal pin of the relay to pin 10 on the arduino and the lock's vcc and gnd to 5v and gnd on the arduino..

This is a simple arduino project. in this video, you can learn how to make a simple password based door lock system using arduino, servo motor and 3*4 matrix keypad., the working of the automatic door opener system using arduino and pir sensor is very simple. this project can be considered as an extension of arduino pir sensor tutorial and arduino l298n dc motor control tutorial. when the pir sensor detects any motion of a person, its data out pin will become high..

In this rfid door lock project we are using arduino and relay to trigger the electric door lock and rfid to authenticate, so your rfid tag will act as a key. if you place wrong rfid card near rfid reader a buzzer will beep to alert about wrong card, ideation. when we see sophisticated door management system(s), the price tag struck immediately along with the utility of-course. in countries like india, such automatic systems are not cheap by any yardstick..

Arduino door lock with password: in this project i mede an door lock (or box lock) that opens when you enter your password and press "#". the servo turns back to the position it was in after some seconds., arduino rfid door lock: ***updated 8/9/2010*** i wanted to make an easy and secure way to enter my garage. rfid was the best way to unlock my door, even with my hands full i can unlock the door and push it open! i built a simple circuit with a basic atmega 168 arduino c....

A number of technologies are available to design automatic door openers like pir sensors, radar sensors, laser sensors, infrared sensors, etc. in this arduino based project, we have tried to replicate the same system by using a pir sensor.